Nov 01, 2016  

This type of weighbridge / Truck scale is most acceptable building of pit is pricey or where the excavation work for foundation is hard. This sort of Weighbridge gives the greatest levels of correctness and may be analyzed and stamped for trade use. This sort Pit Weighbridge of weighbridge gives the greatest degrees of correctness for gross vehicle weights and may be tested and stamped for trade usePit type weighbridges are normally from 7.5 mtr. This kind of Weighbridge requires more land than others. As the span of Weighbridge side Ramps of the Weighbridge need approximately same length because the both side. Upto 20 mtr long (conventional) and the capacities which range from 30 ton to 100 tons as per the length of Weighbridge.

RS 232C output to connect the Indicator with PC enables successful Truck data direction in combination. The platform of the pit mounted truck scale is engineered to tolerate challenging environmental conditions like extreme cold and rain. These pit kind weighbridges are insulated with high end corrosion protection that is done through shot blasting and epoxy paint coating.

Upto 20 mtr long (Standard) and with capacities which range from 30 ton to 100 tons as per the amount of stage is above the Ground Level and Ramps are provided on the both sides This design can be structured with 2 Nos of Joists as per stage sizes and capacities just in longitudinal direction and the others are in perpendicular directions to the main Joists.