Day Parable Is Really "A Cut Above"

Dec 13, 2016  

I got off in the end of the line and had been riding the Metro subway while on business journey. I feel my 60 year journey has been built on my learning and sharing a message that is wholesome from me - with others, a Barbershop Quartet Vocalist a Nurse as well as a Ventriloquist, as well as my many other jobs - are all a part of ME. I've been thanked by many for what I've left them (my needed support).

While the film does handle a serious problem in this way, it is also fascinating to notice that Ice Cube's character is compelled to handle precisely the same dilemma that he had in the previous outings; whether or not he should close the barbershop to pursue other opportunities.

I had been given a Guest Book Barbershop music in a binder for newbies and put in the Bass section between their earliest Bass as well as their Music V.P. and the Director's husband subsequently the meeting or rehearsal as most would think of it began.